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prey for my guitar

so i've been working alot lately and haven't had too much time to do anything else.  meaning hanging with friends, going food shopping, cleaning my place or...playing music.  been going thru a bit of a depression too, and have'nt even bothered to pick up my guitar or even write anything in a looong time.

then i watched the movie 'prey for rock and roll'  with gina gershon.  AMAZING!  if you dig movies about underdog rockstars then you need to see this movie!

anyway, just watching 'prey for rock and roll' had sort of lit a fire under my ass and as soon as it was finished, i grabed my bc rich, cranked the amp up to 11 (with the headphones on ofcopse, damn neighbors) and not only did i have a blast!  but i came up with like 3 or 4 brand new riffs in only like an hour or so of playing!!! 

so thank you jackie/gina and the girls of clam dandy!!!

now everyone: go strap on a guitar and watch 'prey for rock and roll'!!!!

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